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Broken Strength (Black/White Practice) by HectorAdame
Broken Strength (Black/White Practice)
There was a 14-year-old girl living around my neighborhood who was extremely tough, fun, gorgeous and was the star of every party she attended. My friends and I later discovered that, underneath that image was a very troubled person, filled with all sorts of bad habits, including smoking and having sex. Yesterday (after 12 years) she went to one of my friends, who became a psychologist, and he told me, vaguely, what happened: at home, there was no love for her. When I asked for more details, he said: "sometimes parents don't grow up and think they have no responsibility to anyone, including their children. They go to parties, drink and get drunk, leave the children alone and without supervision at home (or anywhere else for that matter); in short, they abandon them.  When that happens, the child tends to seek love and guidance in other people, who become it's greatest influence in life. That influence, sadly, isn't always good". He told me she was having issues professionally and emotionally due to drugs and a bad relationship, but didn't mentioned anything specific. 

I did this drawing inspired in her story and, even though I'm not Christian, I'll go to church and say a prayer for her. If there is a god out there, I hope he helps her.
Flower of the Empire by HectorAdame
Flower of the Empire
I don't have much to say on this one, it just came out on a quick sketch and... yeah, that's it. I hope you enjoy it :D
Fire Mage by HectorAdame
Fire Mage
I've said it once already in another of my drawings: sometimes I submerge into a drawing and start inventing a story while I draw. Here's another one.

In a very cold and uncivilized place, in a time long forgotten, a poor and small town was about to offer a young boy as sacrifice to the gods of winter so they could bring spring sooner. This particular winter was colder than any this small town ever experienced and they were savagely desperate for a solution.

What the townsfolk didn't know about this boy was that he was learned in the reading and writing of magic runes and he was going to use that knowledge to save himself. This is what he did: he found a sharp stone in his prison and started to cut his skin as if writing over a scroll to create an incantation: "may the fire of life be mine". 

On the day of his execution, the runes activated and he was saved... there was a problem, though. The runes started to glow and his hands were covered with a furious fire that lightened the night as if the devil himself had brought hell to earth with him. He saved his life, but now the townsfolk, the executioners, judges and sages and everyone present thought he had become an angry spirit and thus exiled him from their town and their lives.

The sages never knew how he got those powers (maybe a rune was written wrongly or this was a curse), but they and the townsfolk realized they had far bigger problems on their doorsteps: winter was getting colder and colder by the week and started to sacrifice every young man and woman to appease the angry gods. 

Will the townsfolk ask the boy to help them? Will he accept to do so after being offered as sacrifice or will he abandon his kin and his land to die?
Evil Witch
All around the world there have always been legends of evil witches and temptresses lurking in the shadows of forests, deserts and castles. Though menacing, they have very little power as they rely on temptation to weaken their pray. If they were to encounter a person with a strong will (and I mean a titanium-strong will) their powers are diminished and therefore are easy to kill. I don't recommend capturing them, though. Temptation and seduction are still their greatest weapons. One misstep and its all over.
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This past months I've been having an overwhelming amount of positive responses to my works and I want to thank everyone for adding my works to their faves and watching me. 

Stay tuned, because I'll be uploading more stuff in the upcoming weeks!

See ya all!


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Love to draw and wish to draw as long as I live.

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