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Terra_COPIC Markers by HectorAdame
Terra_COPIC Markers
I was watching Teen Titans GO! the episode of Rocks and Water (I think that's the name) and I remembered the old Teen Titans and watched it until the very last episode, "Things Change" and I felt so nostalgic I decided to do this pic right here with Copic markers. My opinion on TTG?... Didn't liked it that much... Anyway, leave a comment if you liked this pic. :D
World Builder by HectorAdame
World Builder
World builders are strange and powerful beings that go around the universe creating (and destroying) entire solar systems and populating them with creatures of their own design. It is said that World Builders have visited Earth for millions of years, supervising the evolution of its inhabitants and reporting everything to a yet more powerful and mysterious being called The Overmind, someone or some THING that can create and destroy dimensions at will. What their purpose is might never be discovered by humanity, for we are but an insignificant part of the universe as a whole.
Girl drinking Coffee by HectorAdame
Girl drinking Coffee
Nothing's better than have a cup of coffee (or chocolate) in the morning.
Looming Menace by HectorAdame
Looming Menace
Tek, a friendly but very lazy kid, moved to New York City in search of a better life. What he and his friends find is that in every dark corner of the city, there are mysterious and deadly monsters hunting for them. To make matter worse, Mujula, the enigmatic leader of the group, is tired of Tek spending way too much money on things like pizza and arcade games. "It's time for you to grow up!" roars Mujula and gives Tek a warning: he either finds a job or is left alone to face the horrible monsters lurking in the shadows of New York City.
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Away south, surrounded by impenetrable mountains, in the middle of an immense garden, was the great stone house of Old Emma, a nice and peaceful old lady, and her two dogs, Kobu and Lucas. Kobu was a big but peaceful and playful german shepherd who liked to sleep on the grass and feel the wind in his face when running through the immense garden, and Lucas was a small, grumpy and selfish schnauzer who liked to stay inside his wooden house, growling and barking angrily at anything that moved or sang in the garden.
             These two had a bitter relationship: Lucas always bothered Kobu, stole his food and barked in his ears till exhaustion, but to no avail, however, because Kobu never bothered to bark back. In fact, he never as much raised a paw to stop Lucas from bothering him.
He seemed rather ammused by Lucas's behaviour.
             One day, Old Emma's grandson asked why Kobu tolerated being treated like that and this is what Old Emma said "why shouldn't he? Lucas is to Kobu what a fly is to a bull! Oh, but just you wait, my dear; always fear the dog that doesn't bark, because if you rouse him, you end up bitten"
              Oh, how right she was.
              For Kobu had a very special blanket inside his small wooden house: an old and dirty blanket that has been with him since birth and reminded him of his mother before passing away. No one was alowed to use it, not even to clean it or mend it.
              But Lucas, either because he didn't knew or cared about Kobu's thoughts regarding the blanket, took it and tore it to peaces while playing with it.
              When Kobu saw what Lucas did to his beloved blanket, he transformed into a raging beast: his ears looked like horns, his fangs became so large they hardly fit his mouth and from his big fluffy paws came out long and sharp claws, like knives.
              He bit Lucas, shook him back and forth repeatedly and threw him as far as the eye could see, making him crash against every rock and treetrunk in the path of his fall.
              After this, Old Emma, hearing the commotion, went outside in a flash only to see her beloved Lucas covered in blood and bruises and Kobu in tears at the sight of his ruined blanket. She, of course, cared about her two dogs equaly, so, after healing Lucas as much as possible, she mended Kobu's blanket. Though it wasn't like the old one, Kobu felt happy about having it back, because Old Emma didn't cleaned it.
               After that day, Kobu's days were happier and quiter than ever before, since Lucas, after healing, became reclusive and timid, thus never leaving his house and staying quiet, till he passed away.


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Héctor A. Fountine
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Love to draw and wish to draw as long as I live.

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